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Types of Lines

The same type of line you use at home although most business users have auxiliary working i.e. 3 lines one number. An analogue line is still needed if you required broadband as the analogue line carries the broadband signal, unless you use cable modem as used by ntl ect, whereby the broadband is delivered direct.


ISDN (Integrated Service Digital Network) are digital lines supplied in two types ISDN2e and ISDN30. These lines are known as circuits. ISDN2e circuit carries 2 channels. i.e. 2 lines, therefore if you required 4 lines you would require 2 circuits. ISDN30 can carry up to 30 channels and a minimum of 8 channels. Advantages of ISDN lines are clearer speech, faster call set up, the ability of diverting or transferring calls off of premises and direct dialling inwards or DDI, whereby an additional block of numbers may be added to your original number, this may then be pointed towards a particular phone or group, for example, sales or accounts departments, therefore doing away with the need of an internal operator. Any amount of ddi numbers may be used although there is normally a minimal rental charge for this, for example you can have 2 lines with 20 ddi’s, but bear in mind you still only have 2 lines, so only 2 conversations may be made with the outside world at any one time.


VOIP or voice over the internet protocol is the latest buzz word in the communications market. Basically it means phones calls can be made over an internet connection. To do this an ADSL or broadband connection is a must, you’ll also need a VOIP provider. Speech quality can vary especially if the internet connection is carrying a lot of traffic. You’ll also need equipment to make the call. Most of the systems that we sell are ready for VOIP. This will definitely be the technology of the very near future so it’s worth keeping in mind when purchasing new telecom’s equipment that it has the ability for utilising VOIP.

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